You are at the Krossroads to a new path to recovery. Your journey to recovery is about to begin.

Welcome to Krossroads Integrative Health and Recovery Solutions!

Our Path-Krossroads has recently absorbed Luminosity Integrative Health Systems and Noesis Integrative Health in operation since 2018 and is women-owned. Both Luminosity and Noesis have successfully served individuals and families from the Rio Grande Valley in Albuquerque to Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Raton and Clayton in Northern New Mexico.

Values – Our ethical values are utilized with every opportunity to treat each client with respect, dignity, compassion, and professionalism while providing clinical comprehensive services to the client and meeting them where they are on their individual recovery journey in a safe environment.   

Key to Success – The key to your journey is the integrative approach that Krossroads applies to recovery and overall health and wellness. Highly qualified professionals form a team to provide truly comprehensive care for each client through principles of our “Full Circle of Continuity of Care and Parallel Services Models”.

Principals of Krossroads-“Full Circle Continuity of Care and Parallel Services Model”

  1. Always Focuses on the Whole Person
  2. Through Evidenced Based Integrative Treatment, and;
  3. Develop Building Blocks to Create a Strong Foundation to Recovery

The Krossroads Team

Krossroads Integrative Health’s team is designed specifically to expedite care for the most critical clients. These team members work to develop relationships for a ” warm hand-off” between acute medical facilities and behavioral health services, community-based agencies, Justice-Involved Services (JIS), and detention centers. Services are provided by licensed and certified professionals:

Client-Centered Community Care

Client-centered care is created around these domains: CCSS provides support in the five functional domains: Independent living, education, employment, socialization, and recreation. Krossroads CSW’s work actively and primarily in the community with the client to assist in treating each client holistically. This support aims to address all areas of client need in order to

prevent recidivism

lower the risk for relapse

identify risks in the environment

help to mitigate exposure to stressors and detrimental social influences

and work to prevent victimization.

CSW/CPSWs assist clients in rebuilding fractured foundations- areas they may have been deficient in developing and in helping them to connect to resources, etc. This includes but is not limited to education, problem-solving, role-modeling, guidance, providing structure and routine, accountability, goal setting, helping to overcome obstacles, planning, prevention strategies, increasing protective factors, identifying strengths, nutritional support, de-stigmatizing mental health, and substance use disorders, serving as client advocates.