Angela Sedillos Valdez, LSAA-ABQ

Angela Sedillos Valdez, LSAA-ABQ,

Licensed Substance Abuse Associate

Angela Sedillo-Valdez was born in Santa Fe. She has deep roots in Northern New Mexico. Angela has received an Associate in Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse Counseling from Northern New Mexico college and is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Angela plans to earn her master’s degree in social work with an emphasis on Substance abuse. Angela holds a Licensed Substance Abuse Associate (LSAA). Angela is in recovery and has dealt firsthand with addiction among family and friends. Supporting those loved ones through their battles is where she found her true calling, to help her community heal from within.

Angela’s desire to understand and tackle the underlying reasons individuals use in the first place is at the core of her career. Angela likes to help her community start healing and living richly fulfilling lives with love, empathy, and understanding because she believes everyone is worth a second chance.