Sasha Burkhart, CSW

Sasha Burkhart, CSW,

Community Support Worker

Sasha is originally born and raised from Waipahu, Hawaii, has been in New Mexico off and on for 17 years. Working in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years until she made the switch to health care where she became a CNA. Sasha’s main goal in becoming a CNA was to become an advocate for those who could not advocate for themselves, to show the people that there are options, and there are people who will help make a difference and change. As stated, Sasha grew up in Hawai’i and through this learned there weren’t many resources for people in need. It was a “Well this is Life” mentality” or “it is what it is”, and this is something she will not accept; Sasha is not her past nor will allow it to define who she is today whish is what moved her to work in the helping industry and specifically come to Krossroads. Sasha is mission – there are opportunities and resources here to assist our community, to give hope and open the doors of a new and brighter tomorrow for our clients.