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Krossroads Behavioral health offers Medication-Assisted Treatment, Psychiatric Evaluation and management, IOP, Comprehensive Community Support Services, as well as Individual and Group therapy. Contact Krossroads today to learn more about how we can assist in creating an environemnt that you can thrive in.

Krossroads has centers in Raton, Las Vegas, Espanola, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque to better serve the needs of our clients.

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Krossroads Behavioral Health works with agencies, governments (municipal, 7 counties, local), law enforcement (local and sheriffs),  judicial (municipal and district) stakeholders, and MCO’s programs via referrals, cooperative agreements, and contracts for services.

Krossroads provides comprehensive integrative care to assist clients in creating an environment they can thrive in, a culture they can be proud of, and a community they can find purpose in using an integrative model.

Krossroads’ integrative model incorporates:

Intake, Screening, and Comprehensive Assessments (SUD, OUD, Mental Health, Medication management) (Ph.d., MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC, CPNP-PCPsychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Perinatal Psychiatry)

A client who qualifies for services when they meet the criteria below may access the breadth of quality care provided. With the goal of supporting and building on recovery and resiliency skills during the course of their treatment:

  • Serious Mental Illness (SMI)
  • Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)
  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) or;
  • the co-occurrence of these
  • Family and Individual Therapy

Recovery and Resiliency

All behavioral health services have a common foundation to actively assist and model recovery and resiliency skills. CSWs support clients in building on recovery and resiliency skills in real-life situations. A client who is empowered by allies, supporting them in finding their purpose is one of our tenants. Meaning, safety, stability, and well-being will learn to do so themselves. Our staff supports recovery and resiliency in a way that enhances each individual’s natural talents and abilities while focusing on client-centered treatment goals.

Behavioral health providers incorporate recovery and resiliency through evidence-based practices, focusing on the whole person, not just their behavioral health or substance use disorder. We utilize treatment teaming meetings to include all relevant members in a client’s life. Involving other providers and community members serves to provide true comprehensive services that drive outcomes, changing lives, and ultimately creating real progress. Additionally, we use an interactive and innovative CCSS program that supports accountability and self-promotion titled, “Choice Recovery Path”.

Co-occurring Disorders

Krossroads addresses mental health and substance use through an integrative model that strives to address the whole person. Licensed mental health clinicians and addiction specialists are available to treat both aspects of these disorders. Providers are supervised by qualified professionals that are adept at overseeing these services aimed at ensuring client-centered care. Comprehensive Community Support Workers (CSWs) use client’s everyday life experiences to facilitate the care of those with co-occurring disorders. Observations related to mental health will be staffed with the clinical team to determine needs and adapt the treatment plans to reflect relevant goals. The client’s experience in daily life provides invaluable information. This is used to ensure each person receiving services at Krossroads is utilizing the resources needed for healing and well-being. Krossroads staff is able to gain insight into the area of mental health of their clients.  This way we are in the best position to advocate for mental health services when the need arises. This need is guided by each individual’s therapeutic and CCSS treatment plan. Licensed clinicians and staff providing direct care services and/or who are treating co-occurring disorders are overseen by Krossroads’ team of directors. This executive team includes professionals with the experience and expertise needed in mental health, addiction, and programmatic oversight. This ensures that staff who are responsible for treating clients under Krossroads have sufficient guidance, oversight, and clinical input, resulting in comprehensive client care. In the event Krossroads does not have the services needed to meet a client’s specific needs, a referral to appropriate resources will be made (see “referral” section).  The Krossroads Medical Staff will set schedules to accommodate the client’s needs for medication management. The Krossroads staff works together to maintain an effective treatment plan that encompasses all aspects of their paralleled services, specific to the client’s goals.

Krossroads Services

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    IOP is delivered both in-person and via Telehealth. MATRIX Model is used. The Matrix Model is a treatment approach that is administered over the course of a structured, 16-week period. Used most often with people who are addicted to stimulants (mainly cocaine and methamphetamine), the program is highly structured and is largely made up of […]

  • Transitional Housing Partners

    Krossroads recognizes that one major barrier to recovery is stable housing. Krossroads partners with Themis House, Under His Construction, Front Line Resurrection in Bernalillo County and Angels With Broken Wings in Las Cruces NM to offer gender specific transitional housing programs. In 2024 we have housed over 250 individuals. The transitional program are set up […]

  • Medically Assisted Treatment

    Medically Assisted Treatment is a service provided for clients who after an assessment have a desire to replace opioid use with Suboxone treatment services under the supervision of our nurse practitioners.

  • Justice-Involved Services

    The Justice-Involved Services program works with judicial systems, probation and parole officers, detention centers. Referrals are made from the courts for behavioral health, substance abuse, and or co-occurring disorders to reduce recidivism for each JIS client.

  • Mental and Behavioral Health

    Krossroads Integrative Health and Recovery Solutions, Inc works with community agencies, government (municipal, 6 counties, local), Law enforcement (local and sheriffs),  judicial (magistrate, district, and municipal) stakeholders, and MCO’s programs via referrals, cooperative agreements, and contracts for services. Program Description  Krossroads Integrative Health and Recovery Solutions, Inc provides comprehensive integrative care to assist clients in creating an environment they […]

    • Substance Abuse & Recovery

      Comprehensive Community Support Services to support behavioral health services and recovery Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP-MATRIX) Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to clients on an individual basis Justice-Involved Services (JIS) and court-ordered behavioral health services UA’s

    • Choice Recovery Path and Seeking Safety

      Krossroads Integrated Health and Recovery Solutions, Inc partners with Choice Recovery Path (CRP) toolkit that employs peer-led groups to build resiliency and understand the roots of addiction and address the causes. Tier 1 is a 90-day program, Tier 2 is a 90-day program.   These skills groups are offered 6 days a week. Krossroads Integrated Health […]